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“When we first started looking for homes, I was fresh out of college and in a brand new career. The lender we first worked [with] denied us. The same day we were denied, we saw a PCCLT house.

PCCLT gave us hope of being homeowners when we thought there was no hope. Now we have a home of our own.

Since moving in we had our second child. And we can finally dream of establishing and growing our family here in Tucson. Our neighborhood is safe with friendly neighbors. We don’t have to worry about moving. We can plan our future with the security of knowing we have a home of our own.”

— Kai Eilert

PCCLT Homeowner

How Our Land Trust Works

Through our program, low-to-moderate income home-buyers receive a significant discount in the purchase price and the loan because the original public subsidy and accrued equity is recycled from one buyer to the next.

First, we acquire and renovate a property. Often, these are foreclosed or abandoned homes that require extensive rehabilitation. We work with local contractors and construction companies to reinvest in our local economy.

Second, we sell or rent the home to a low- to moderate-income family, but maintain ownership of the land. Our buyers enter a 99-year lease and pay a small monthly fee for the land. By removing the cost of the land from the purchase price of their home, our buyers are able to buy their homes for less than market value.

When our homeowners are ready move, they sell their home below market price to another low-moderate income buyer. This model allows us to maintain a permanent supply of affordable housing for the community.

Our Services

Buy a home through PCCLT

Our land trust model means that we can sell homes with NO DOWN PAYMENT and with a significant discount in price and loan amount and limited out of pocket costs.

Rent a Home from PCCLT

Get mortgage ready by renting from PCCLT. Save for your future down payment and receive financial literacy and homebuyer education.(Rentals will be ready March 2018 in Barrio Hollywood)

Community Stewardship & Workshops

We provide on-going pre & post purchase education/counseling services, support and community resources. Our workshops are free and open to the public.

Stable Neighborhoods Are Important

Affordable housing can decrease rates of homelessness, need for public assistance, and criminal activity. Stable housing can improve a child’s nutrition and academic performance.

PCCLT contributes to neighborhood stabilization through the acquisition and development of vacant properties. Rehabilitating abandoned homes can improve the local housing market and decrease rates of neighborhood crime.

PCCLT programs and projects are designed improve the economic and social welfare of its clients. The resulting impact extends far beyond those individuals to their families, neighborhoods, and broader communities.

Our Community

$37,149 Median household income in Tucson.
$33,7269 Average household income of PCCLT homeowners.
64.4% Rate of homeownership in Arizona.
25% Number of Tucson residents who live in poverty.
78% Percent of PCCLT homeowners who are an ethnic or racial minority.
33 Number of PCCLT homes with a female head of household.

Values based on PCCLT survey data from 2014.

By the Numbers: Our Impact

114 Number of children living in PCCLT homes.
89 Number of homes PCCLT has renovated and sold to low income families in Tucson since 2010.
$2,560 Average amount our clients save on their mortgage payments per year.
80% Percent of PCCLT homeowners who participate in our stewardship services.
Over $11.6M Rate of Tucson residents who live in poverty.
78% Percent of PCCLT homeowners who are an ethnic or racial minority.
33 Amount PCCLT has invested in Tucson through the acquisition, rehabilitation and sale of previously foreclosed homes.

Values based on PCCLT survey data from 2014.