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Who We Are


"My name is Jacqueline.  I have three children, Grece, Nura and Henry.  l want to let you know I really appreciate Elias for all his kindness.  My family and I are so grateful.  You helped us.  It was so hard to find a place to live with three children without help.  But after I found  Elias, he helped us get a beautiful house.  Now I want to thank him and all the work from PCCLT and Godbless everyone who has helped me find a better place to keep my children.  Thank you so much may God bless America” - Jacqueline

Mar 29, 2023

“When we first started looking for homes, I was fresh out of college and brand new in my career. the lender we first worked denied us . The same day we were denied we saw a PCCLT house. A PCCLT housing counselor gave us information that eventually led to us being able to buy the house. PCCLT gave us the hope of being homeowners when we thought there was no hope. Now we have a home of our own. Since moving in, we have had our second child and we can finally dream of establishing and growing our family here in Tucson. Our neighborhood is safe and our neighbors are friendly. We don’t have to worry about moving. We can plan our future with the security of knowing our children have a home of their own.” - Kai

Aug 1, 2021

“PCCLT made it easy to purchase a home. They were there for every step of the process and helped us every way possible.” - Margaret

Jul 31, 2021

“I am now a proud homeowner and my money is going to be something. If I want to put a nail in the wall, I can put a nail in the wall ” - Juan

Jul 1, 2021

“Homeownership has changed my life in the sense that I feel some future security for my children. I have learned to do repairs to my A/C and my home in general. My kids have made excellent friends. We have great neighbors and a sense of security that we had not had previously. ” - Julio

Jul 1, 2021

“When I purchased my home, I was still living with my mother. I didn’t want to leave her. I feel that we have a better relationship now that I am on my own. When I tell people now how much I pay on my mortgage, they’re amazed! I refer a lot of people to PCCLT. I love my home and I honestly don’t ever plan on leaving. ” - Maritza

Jul 1, 2021

“Being a single father, I feel like I am a better father in my home with my children. It is a better environment for them and I am glad that PCCLT was able to help me find somewhere safe for my family.” - Carlos

Jul 1, 2021